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Table Talk: You Are My Friends

March 23/24, 2019 Table Talk: You Are My Friends John 15: 1-17 Today we continue our Table Talk sermon series, looking at the conversations Jesus holds with his disciples in the Upper Room. As Jesus prepares for his arrest and crucifixion, he has some important words to leave with those who will pick up the mantle of His ministry and continue the work of calling forth the Kingdom of God. Today we turn to John 15. Would you read with me?  You ever have one of those moments where you discover something you never knew you were missing? The old adage says, “You never know what you have until it’s gone.” But for me, it was more like, “I never knew what I didn’t have until I found it.” That moment for me was a Bible study during my sophomore year of college. I walked in with a lot of hesitation, mind you, because who wants to attend a Bible study in college? That wasn’t quite the way to find a girlfriend or live the life of a college kid. But that night was pivotal for

Overshadowed by Christ

Overshadowed By Christ March 2, 2019 Luke 9: 28-43 I’m truly grateful to be in worship with you all this weekend. And especially to return to this story in particular. Saturday nights have become an important part of my weekly rhythm, and as sleep experts and doctors have told us for years, rhythm is important to our overall well-being. Yet even as I say that I acknowledge that rhythm has been hard to find these past few weeks.  I’ve found it extraordinarily hard to focus these last 15 days or do. Like the wind that whipped through our community last week leaving behind debris and fallen tree limbs, life has recently felt as if a strong current has moved through and disturbed, shaken and reshaped our realities. For me, it started with a phone call from our district superintendent that radically changed the direction of my life and our parish. I wasn’t shocked to get the news about a new appointment, but I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I thought. And then it was anothe