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What is Baptism?

What is Baptism? March 25/26, 2017 Scripture: Romans 6: 1-14

Today we are continuing our What Is? Sermon Series, where we are preparing for Easter by exploring some meaningful words and practices that help deepen our faith and experience of Jesus Christ. Today we’re asking the question, What is baptism?

William Willimon tells a story about receiving a call from an angry father while serving as Dean of the chapel at Duke University. His secretary buzzed him and said that there was a man calling who was terribly upset. Willimon said, “I figured as much.” He asked if it were one of his many, thought-provoking sermons that upset the man. “No,” his secretary said, “we haven’t had any response to your sermons. . . . This man is mad over something you have done to his daughter.” Willimon was puzzled and told his secretary to put him through. The father began by saying, “I hold you personally responsible.” “For what?” he asked. The father replied, “My daughter. We sent her to Duke to get a …

What is Worship?

March 18/19, 2017What is Worship? Psalm 100, Romans 12: 1

Today we continue our journey to Easter where we will celebrate the life-changing resurrection of Jesus Christ. And along the way we’re exploring some common words and practices in the church that help us better experience God’s presence in our lives. Today we’re looking at the topic of worship.

I was a fairly good athlete in high school. I spent my summers playing baseball and memorizing the statistics on the back of bubble gum cards, and I could name little known facts about the Pittsburgh Pirates. I knew baseball- the game, the rules, the objective, like the back of my hand. But the summer after my sophomore year, our school’s soccer coach (we had just gotten a team for the first time) called me up to ask if I’d try out. I wasn’t playing football that year, so I agreed. And the first time I stepped on to the soccer field, I felt like a spectator watching everybody else go about their business. The only thing I knew about …

What is Grace?

What is Grace?March 11th/12th Ephesians 2: 1-10

Today our journey to Easter continues, as we prepare our lives for the beautiful celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection is a world-changing, eternity-changing moment that has the power to transform lives. As part of our journey, we’re taking the time to step back and look at some meaningful words and practices that help us experience the fullness of God. Today we’re asking the question, “What is grace?”

You’ve probably heard the word grace before. Maybe it’s what you call the prayer you pray when you gather for meal times. Or maybe it’s the term you give a person who seems to glide through activities without missing a beat or taking a wrong step. But when it comes to faith, grace might be the most important word we ever learn. I would go so far to say that if one word should be etched into our hearts, or tattooed on your arm if you like tattoos, it would be grace. You wouldn’t be here without grace.

I’ve heard i…