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FOCUS: Creating Renewal

Creating Renewal             This past week I had the privilege of leading the music time at Vacation Bible School. And let me tell you, what a blast! I left for home every night completely exhausted, but also completely refreshed in my soul. Spending those nights singing and dancing with young disciples renewed my faith and replenished a joy that I didn’t know was even missing! But that’s what happens when faith catches fire. Vitality happens. New life happens. You might even call it revival! And that’s what we’re discussing today: how to seek vitality and renewal in our congregations. It’s one of our five areas of focus, five areas that we believe have the capacity to change the world. And I remain convinced that if we seek renewal and revival in our churches, the world will be drawn in to the magnificent and life-giving work of Jesus Christ. Would you read with me… Acts 2 is sort of like the gold standard for church life. When Jesus told the disciples to

You Don't Have to Be God

July 22, 2018                         You Don’t Have to Be God       Jonah 3             If there’s one story from my childhood Sunday school classes that never failed to attract my attention, it was the old story of Jonah. I was mesmerized every time I heard that God could produce a fish begin enough to swallow a man (and you better believe I thought about that story every time I dipped my feet into the ocean). But as I’ve grown older, I think I appreciate this story even more. Not because of what it says about Jonah, but what it proclaims about God. Now, today’s text begins with chapter 3, which is sort of an odd place to start when you’re reading a book. But for Jonah, and maybe for us, it’s the perfect place to start…because this is his new beginning. Would you read with me…             Ever since God spoke to Jonah the first time, Jonah has been on the run. And I’m sure that could describe many of us. God called him to go to Nineveh, a city known

Focus: Promoting Abundant Health

Currently, we're in the midst of a sermon series called "Focus: Five Areas To Change the World." We're looking at the WPAUMC's Five Areas of Focus. Ministry With the Poor and Developing Principled Christian Leaders will not be available on this blog. July 7 and 8, 2018     Promoting Abundant Health Romans 8: 18-28 There’s a story told about a man stranded on the side of the road after his car broke down. He tried everything he could think of to get the car running, but nothing worked. After struggling for some time, a limousine approached and a well-dressed man stepped out and offered to help. He looked at the engine, tinkered for a few moments, and to the owner’s surprise, started up his broken down care. “How much do I owe you?” asked the owner. “Nothing,” said the man. “My name is Henry Ford. I created that care, and I can’t stand to see something I’ve created not do what it was meant to do.” Well today we’re continuing to explore