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Love That Stays- More Than a Piece of Paper

"Love That Lasts" is based off the teachings of Rev. Adam Hamilton and his work "Love to Stay." This sermon uses his teachings as a framework, working my own stories into the mix. I'm grateful for Rev. Hamilton's work and hope you are as blessed as I am with this series.  More Than a Piece of Paper                         April 30 th , 2017 Genesis 2: 18-25             So, it was the night before our wedding and we were busy decorating the church and making final preparations when it happened: our first significant fight. To this day I can’t recall why Joanna and I were fighting, I just new it was happening, right before the biggest moment of our lives. We were so angry, probably over some minor detail, but angry enough that one of could’ve easily walked away and said, “This isn’t worth it.” We said some things we wouldn’t ha